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Financial Guidance For All Socioeconomic Classes


Who We Are

Our Mission

is to make financial planning accessible to families and businesses regardless of their socioeconomic status and enable them to identify, take control and act on their best financial opportunities.

Our Vision

is to empower people to become the best version of themselves financially.

Our Story

Castro Monroy Group was founded in 2014 when Jonathan U Castro Monroy realized there was a disconnect among the financial industry, middle America, and the working class.  Castro Monroy Group was created to provide holistic financial planning for anyone that wanted to improve their financial health, not just high net worth clients. The result has been a financial planning firm uniquely designed to protect families and businesses from making unsound financial choices and building strong foundations for their futures. 

Castro Monroy Group has helped hundreds of families and businesses in the state of Oregon. The firm has been recognized locally year after year as one of the best financial firms in the Mid-Valley by the Statesman Journal, as well as has accrued numerous accolades for it's individual Advisors and teamwork.

Who We Serve

Families & Businesses

Your Family Is Your Top Priority

Doing what's best for your family's financial life.

You love your family and you want what's best for them. 

Some questions to consider: 

  • How strong is your family's financial foundation?
  • How will you build your family's wealth?
  • Will you be able to balance your children's college education and your retirement? 
  • Your family is your legacy, how will you provide for them when you are deceased? 
 Call us today to find out more about what financial family planning can do for you. Together, we can work to protect and grow your  future.

We Will Work With You To

  • Understand your financial picture and crystalize where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow

  • Find out what's most important to you, what your priorities are and what you value

  • Provide you with all the information so that you can make educated decisions for your financial health today and tomorrow

You've Worked Hard For Your Business To Succeed

Now maximize the results of your hard work

You’ve done a great job making your business a success today. Now you need to safeguard the success of your business tomorrow and into the next generation.

Some questions to consider: 

  • How will you retain your best employees?
  • Will you be able to retire when you desire? 
  • What will happen to your business if you became disabled?
  • Your business is your legacy, how do you want it to survive you? 
 Call us today to find out more about what business planning can do for you. Together, we can work to protect and grow your future.

How We Will Work With You

  • Understand your financial picture and crystalize where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow

  • Find out what's most important to you, what your priorities are and what you value

  • Provide you with all the information so that you can make educated decisions for your financial health today and tomorrow

About Us

The DNA Of Our Company

Our Core Values

Positive Attitude: 

A positive attitude achieves positive results.


All great achievements start with self-discipline.


The philosopher Herbet Spencer said, “The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” 


We are committed to innovation that better serves our clients.


Possibilities are endless with teamwork.

We Give Back


Giving back to our community is part of who we are as a firm. As a team and individually, we donate our time and resources to support many local non-profit organizations. Our Advisors serve as board of directors for local non-profits and also serve on local government boards and commissions. We believe in working for a better community.

Meet The Team

Here To Serve You

Jonathan U. Castro Monroy Photo

Jonathan U. Castro Monroy

Managing Partner
Jim Lusk, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CLF, MEd Photo

Jim Lusk, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CLF, MEd

Development and Training Partner
Shane Attebery Photo

Shane Attebery

Senior Partner/ Employee Benefits Specialist
Marci Otis Photo

Marci Otis

Corri Attebery Photo

Corri Attebery

Cynthia Jones Photo

Cynthia Jones

Joel Daniels Photo

Joel Daniels

Lupe Vasquez Photo

Lupe Vasquez

Foreign National Client Specialist

Dane Ross

Financial Product Specialist
Bailey Schmidt Photo

Bailey Schmidt

Financial Representative
Julian Ballines Rios Photo

Julian Ballines Rios

Financial Representative
Melody Campbell Photo

Melody Campbell

Financial Representative

Maggie Hallamasek

Financial Representative

Sarah Taylor

Financial Representative

Lily Carter

Financial Representative

Juan F. Gutierrez Arredondo

Financial Representetative

Lynn Bonner

Financial Representative

Ruben Salvador Benavides

Read Bio


From a very young age, I was interested in the stock market. Every day, I would watch my dad as he read the latest stock market update and adjust his strategy accordingly. This passion led me to pursue internships at several investment practices right out of college, where I quickly learned the art and science behind making investment decisions.

While I was able to secure multiple jobs at a variety of firms after that, I was interested in joining a practice that was more in-line with my values and beliefs. One day at a networking event, I met Benjamin Portman, our president, and soon after realized Palisade Advisors was the place for me.

Since joining Palisade, my knowledge and insight into the stock market have continued to grow and expand. A life-long learner, I am constantly reading up on the latest market changes in order to create effective investment portfolios for our clients. In my free time, I enjoy eating out with friends and catching the latest movie.

Learn More About Me

If you had a million dollars to spend, what would be the first three things you would buy?
I would invest it all in the stock market.

What’s the most likely place people could find you on a Saturday night?
At the movie theater catching the latest thriller.

Which would you pick: Living on the beach or living near the mountains?
Living on the beach!

Imagine being approached by a genie who offers you three wishes. What might those wishes be?
I would wish for perfect eyesight, unlimited vacation days and the ability to know which way the market is going to turn before it happens.

If you had the ability to travel back in time, what’s something you would tell your 18-year-old self?
Live in the moment and never underestimate your value.

Brian Leong

Health Insurance Specialist

David Richert, LUTCF

National Vice President of Ameritas


Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies

Sharing with the world what you love is part of building a legacy that will never outlive you. After evaluating your financial situation, and learning about what causes are important to you, our team of professionals will help you strategically give to the organizations you value. 

When college and continuing education are needed, parents fall into one of three types: the ones who want to pay for nothing, the ones who want to pay for everything, and the ones that fall in between. Which one are you? 

More than wages are needed to retain the best employees. Workers nowadays seek benefits that fit their needs. Do you offer enough to keep your brightest on your team? If you want to find ways to offer more, let us know, and we can help.

Money management involves more than just creating a budget and saving for retirement. With financial coaching you will learn ways your money can work for you not only for retirement and in creating a legacy, but preparing you for the expected and unexpected, whether it be college expenses, a home, or learning how to invest in socially responsible ways to create the world you envision.

Investing goes beyond mutual funds and the stock market. Diversifying is one way advanced investors make sure they protect their wealth. You can do this yourself through real estate and business investments.

Protecting your family and the financial foundation you are building is the first step in accruing wealth. The cornerstone of financial well-being is insurance planning. Whether you are just seeking the basics to cover your final expenses, seeking to create a legacy, or want to explore insurance products that have multi-purpose uses, we can help you.

Whether you’re five years away from retirement or twenty years away from retirement, we’ll help guide you through the steps necessary to secure enough assets for your ideal retirement. After evaluating your current financial situation, we’ll identify income sources and opportunities that are the most advantageous for you as you prepare for your life of leisure.

Are you passionate about protecting the planet, wanting clean air and water, or just want to do what you feel is right. We have ways to invest that will help you honor what you value so you don't feel like you are selling out on what you believe just to grow wealth.


Join Our Team

Here at our firm, we are always open to considering candidates to join the team that demonstrate our core values of positive attitude, self-discipline, execution, innovation, and teamwork. Castro Monroy Group offers world-class training, a great culture, competitive compensation and benefits, and opportunities for career growth. Call us today to start the conversation or send us a note.